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S’mores Nosh ~ Seasonal Granola Clusters

S’mores Nosh ~ Seasonal Granola Clusters

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Can’t get your campfire lit? Don’t even like camping? That’s ok! You can still have s’mores! Our S’mores Nosh is amazing. A hint of cinnamon, a dash of molasses, dark chocolate chips, and crunchy bits of marshmallow make this a perfect summertime treat. 5oz resealable bag.

Sound amazing? Get yours now because this is a seasonal, limited release flavor!

S’mores Nosh is vegan, wheat-free, and made with mostly organic ingredients. We use Dandees marshmallows because they are vegan and gluten-free, but they contain soy and are not organic.

 NOTE: This photo is an amazing dramatization. You can, too, melt extra chocolate and marshmallow and stick it between two pieces of S’mores Nosh. We won’t tell. 😊



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