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Eat with the Seasons

For quite some time, we've wanted to introduce a line of products that reflects the deliciousness of the season. Well, thank goodness, it's finally here! For each of the four seasons, we will introduce three limited release seasonal flavors in addition to our year-round favorites. What's on tap now? Dark Chocolate & Crystallized Ginger Nosh, Mocha Chip Nosh, and Cranberry Almond Nosh. What's next? Take a peek here at just how delicious 2019 will be! The seasonal flavors are available as part of a quarterly subscription or as a one-time purchase.

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Money-Saving Shipping Tip!

Over the past year, we've learned some lessons about shipping. Even though we pass through our discount to you, we still want you to get the most granola for your money. We've found that it typically costs just about as much to get two bags shipped as it does four.If you're a subscriber who gets one or two bags a month, you could save some cash with an easy change. Just combine two months worth of granola into one bimonthly order and enjoy the savings. If you're already getting 3-4 bags per shipment, great!  If you'd like help making any changes, we're happy to help!

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Even Happier Holidays with Lower Shipping Costs!

We're excited to announce that it now costs even less to get some delicious Happy-Go-Lucky goodies to your door...or the door of someone you love! We did some adjusting to our package sizes and voila! More savings for you. Now that's tasty. Happy holidays, granola lovers! 🎁

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FREE tote bag with every $20 subscription!

Lucky you! We're giving away a FREE Happy-Go-Lucky Foods canvas tote bag with every subscription order over $20 for the rest of May 2018! No promo code necessary. Your tote will ship with your first order...aren't you excited? Now you finally have somewhere to stash all your granola. 

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Granola Subscriptions NOW Available!

Oh, happy day! Now you can subscribe to your favorite Happy-Go-Lucky Foods snacks and save money, too. Simply select the products you love, choose the delivery frequency you prefer, and save 10% every month after the first. So check it out, and let us know if you have any questions. We're pretty excited about this, and we hope you are, too!

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